Welcome to the World

Johnson & Johnson


Soothing the skin of newborns and the worries of new parents

The Background

Johnson’s Baby products were slowly being squeezed off the shelves by cheaper, own-brand alternatives. The iconic brand needed an idea and positioning that put them back in bathrooms and nurseries across the UK, and back in parent’s minds.

Uniquely endorsed by midwives and proven to the be the gentlest, even on a newborn’s delicate skin, we saw an opportunity to recruit new parents straight out of hospital with our “softest” credentials, and years and years of newborn expertise.


The Work

Welcome to the World is a strategic behaviour and creative platform that allowed us to not only welcome newborns to the world, but also their parents to the life-turned-upside-down world of parenting – guiding them into this new, exciting, “WTF” time of their lives.

The connected brand strategy rolled out across 2017 and the honest parenting insights used across the campaign have been given the nod of approval by Johnson’s most important target audience – new parents.


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