Let's get physical


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It’s time for designers to get physical with MOO

The Background

MOO.com, the rather remarkable creative print stationary business, has been continuing to flourish across the world. In October 2018, it was nearing £100 million in revenues with profits leaping 54% to £4.7 million. 70% of that growth was accounted for by MOO’s expansion into the US with Mr President’s ‘You by MOO’ Brand Defining Idea.

As they continued to grow, Mr. President were tasked with creating a follow-up campaign that appealed to their Professional Designer audience. The super creative types who are most attracted to MOO, the super creative printer.


Our challenge was to show that MOO are the perfect complimentary creative partner to all their own design talents. Whilst the designers are amazing at bringing their ideas to life on screen, MOO is marvellous at making them real.

And right now, as the world gets more and more digital, physical things become more and more precious. So we wanted to celebrate beautiful design made real with MOO with a call to arms for everyone to get physical.

The Work

We dramatized that moment when designers hit “send to print”. Bringing to life the magical transformation when beautiful designs are made into reality. All set to an eighties, spandex-filled soundtrack. That is the MOO way, after all.

The Let’s Get Physical campaign has been used on video-on-demand, pre-rolls and social across the US.