"Hey Harry"


20190628_HeyHarry_Cover (1).png

Turning sports savviest bettor, into the nations smartest speaker

The Background

Within the betting world, BetVictor is renowned for the quality of its products and the simplicity of its App and website. Within the wider public however, brand recognition was low. So our challenge was take this tech-superiority and give it more character in order to grow brand awareness with the Great British public.

Up step freshly crowned ‘King Of The Jungle’, and betting expert, Harry Redknapp. From giving tips to the perfect marriage to a red-hot tip for the footie, Harry proved to be the nation’s go to man for advice. So, we brought his knowledge into the homes of every punter by imagining ‘Harry’ as the latest voice activated assistant to hit the market. He may not be able to control your central heating, or play your favourite tunes, but if you want to have a flutter, Harry will always tell you that BetVictor is Your Best Bet.


The Work

Aping the cool, slick ‘techy’ style of smart speaker adverts, each execution sees a person in their home as they turn to their device and say “Hey Harry” – causing the iconic blue light to animate. However rather than getting the monotonous and robotic response that other speakers offer back, our device lights up with the cheerful mush of Harry Redknapp as he responds with a friendly “Hello Mate”.

Now, Harry isn’t the most tech savvy of chaps, so when asked to set the TV to record the footie, or give directions to the racecourse he “hasn’t got a bloomin’ clue!”. But what he does know is his betting, so just as he leans in to give the punter a sure-fire tip – he realises he’s forgotten to take the bins out, and suddenly disappears from screen…


Not only did the campaign make the BetVictor brand famous with the highest ad recall of any ad in their history, it also led to a significant increase in promoted brand awareness.

It also caused a load of people to ask for the Harry device to be made for real. Silicon valley, we await your call…