Coming out for 30 years of progress

The Background

Stonewall was born out of the fight against Section 28, legislation banning the teaching or promoting of homosexuality in UK schools. Effectively meaning that teachers could be jailed for speaking about or even supporting students with questions around LGBT.

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They have been fighting inequality ever since, lobbying the government and making a huge difference for LGBT rights here and abroad. So to celebrate their 30th birthday we’re highlighting landmark successes Stonewall has been a part of, as well as rights they’re still fighting for. Showing how much change we can achieve together and how important it is for us all to continue to Come Out For LGBT.


The Work

From the famous female same-sex kiss on Brookside in the 90s, to overturning the rules against LGBT people serving in the military, the campaign contrasts the moral panic and brutality of past anti-LGBT legislation with the reality of the equality we enjoy now, through Stonewall’s favourite 30 moments. 

In OOH we’ve drawn a line through the discriminatory laws that bound LGBT people, and our creative collaboration with InLink has meant greater reach across the UK in Pride month. Using the Stonewall star as the mark of remarkable progress, we’ve juxtaposed this legislation and common opinion that has been changed or repealed over the last 30 years, with positive imagery of what would have been prevented had change not been won. 

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In cinema we’ve worked with Stonewall founder Sir Ian McKellan to voice a powerful call to action, animated by Aardman director Lucy Izzard. 


Against a backdrop where the lobbying that sparked Section 28 has flared up in Birmingham, and trans women are being systematically ostracized, we’re also using the platform throughout summer to highlight the work still to do. Reminding allies that LGBT advocacy doesn’t stop at one rainbow-coloured day a year, and until Stonewall achieve acceptance without exception, they will not stop.