Herbal Essences


Flaunt what Mama Nature gave ya

The Background

Herbal Essences, the iconic haircare brand, wanted to establish its natural roots with a new partnership with Kew. The brand has always been known for its unforgettable advertising. But this was our opportunity to transition from the famously cheeky advertising of the 90’s and 00’s to a more grown up reflection of this sassy, empowering and naturally conscious haircare brand.

The botanicals in Herbal Essences bio:renew are proven to transform not just your hair, but your attitude. So we wanted to show how unleashing Mama Nature’s secrets gives you hair you want to flaunt.


The Work

The aim was to reintroduce Herbal Essences original natural roots in a cut-through way - without losing the brand’s iconic sense of sass and fun. Bringing back the in-shower moment with a vengeance, but this time updated for our natural-conscious consumer.

The ad centres around the proven power of badass botanicals to transform your hair and your attitude - set to an uplifting botanically based music video. In it our heroine lets loose in a moment of Herbal Essences botanical bliss, in the middle of the Palm House at Kew Gardens, and it leaves her feeling completely revived. This fierce attitude is carried through to the print and social assets, with the fully integrated campaign that is live this summer across the UK and Europe. 


The campaign launched in the UK with TV at the beginning of June and then TV will roll out in Germany and other European markets over the summer. It’s the biggest UK-led campaign created for over 5 years, and covers TV, OOH, experiential, digital and social assets. The ad was created by Mr. President, directed by Melody Maker, with post-production from The Mill+. The experiential pop-up product launch is expected to appear in multiple London locations later in the Summer. 




Coming out for 30 years of progress

The Background

Stonewall was born out of the fight against Section 28, legislation banning the teaching or promoting of homosexuality in UK schools. Effectively meaning that teachers could be jailed for speaking about or even supporting students with questions around LGBT.

mrp_casestudy_stonewall_inlink_01 (1).png

They have been fighting inequality ever since, lobbying the government and making a huge difference for LGBT rights here and abroad. So to celebrate their 30th birthday we’re highlighting landmark successes Stonewall has been a part of, as well as rights they’re still fighting for. Showing how much change we can achieve together and how important it is for us all to continue to Come Out For LGBT.


The Work

From the famous female same-sex kiss on Brookside in the 90s, to overturning the rules against LGBT people serving in the military, the campaign contrasts the moral panic and brutality of past anti-LGBT legislation with the reality of the equality we enjoy now, through Stonewall’s favourite 30 moments. 

In OOH we’ve drawn a line through the discriminatory laws that bound LGBT people, and our creative collaboration with InLink has meant greater reach across the UK in Pride month. Using the Stonewall star as the mark of remarkable progress, we’ve juxtaposed this legislation and common opinion that has been changed or repealed over the last 30 years, with positive imagery of what would have been prevented had change not been won. 

20190627_Stonewall_48$_poster_v3 (1).jpg

In cinema we’ve worked with Stonewall founder Sir Ian McKellan to voice a powerful call to action, animated by Aardman director Lucy Izzard. 


Against a backdrop where the lobbying that sparked Section 28 has flared up in Birmingham, and trans women are being systematically ostracized, we’re also using the platform throughout summer to highlight the work still to do. Reminding allies that LGBT advocacy doesn’t stop at one rainbow-coloured day a year, and until Stonewall achieve acceptance without exception, they will not stop.



20190628_HeyHarry_Cover (1).png

Turning sports savviest bettor, into the nations smartest speaker

The Background

Within the betting world, BetVictor is renowned for the quality of its products and the simplicity of its App and website. Within the wider public however, brand recognition was low. So our challenge was take this tech-superiority and give it more character in order to grow brand awareness with the Great British public.

Up step freshly crowned ‘King Of The Jungle’, and betting expert, Harry Redknapp. From giving tips to the perfect marriage to a red-hot tip for the footie, Harry proved to be the nation’s go to man for advice. So, we brought his knowledge into the homes of every punter by imagining ‘Harry’ as the latest voice activated assistant to hit the market. He may not be able to control your central heating, or play your favourite tunes, but if you want to have a flutter, Harry will always tell you that BetVictor is Your Best Bet.


The Work

Aping the cool, slick ‘techy’ style of smart speaker adverts, each execution sees a person in their home as they turn to their device and say “Hey Harry” – causing the iconic blue light to animate. However rather than getting the monotonous and robotic response that other speakers offer back, our device lights up with the cheerful mush of Harry Redknapp as he responds with a friendly “Hello Mate”.

Now, Harry isn’t the most tech savvy of chaps, so when asked to set the TV to record the footie, or give directions to the racecourse he “hasn’t got a bloomin’ clue!”. But what he does know is his betting, so just as he leans in to give the punter a sure-fire tip – he realises he’s forgotten to take the bins out, and suddenly disappears from screen…


Not only did the campaign make the BetVictor brand famous with the highest ad recall of any ad in their history, it also led to a significant increase in promoted brand awareness.

It also caused a load of people to ask for the Harry device to be made for real. Silicon valley, we await your call…



Screenshot 2019-06-26 at 16.44.55.png

It’s time for designers to get physical with MOO

The Background

MOO.com, the rather remarkable creative print stationary business, has been continuing to flourish across the world. In October 2018, it was nearing £100 million in revenues with profits leaping 54% to £4.7 million. 70% of that growth was accounted for by MOO’s expansion into the US with Mr President’s ‘You by MOO’ Brand Defining Idea.

As they continued to grow, Mr. President were tasked with creating a follow-up campaign that appealed to their Professional Designer audience. The super creative types who are most attracted to MOO, the super creative printer.


Our challenge was to show that MOO are the perfect complimentary creative partner to all their own design talents. Whilst the designers are amazing at bringing their ideas to life on screen, MOO is marvellous at making them real.

And right now, as the world gets more and more digital, physical things become more and more precious. So we wanted to celebrate beautiful design made real with MOO with a call to arms for everyone to get physical.

The Work

We dramatized that moment when designers hit “send to print”. Bringing to life the magical transformation when beautiful designs are made into reality. All set to an eighties, spandex-filled soundtrack. That is the MOO way, after all.

The Let’s Get Physical campaign has been used on video-on-demand, pre-rolls and social across the US. 



The new Cash-Forward card for the money you look forward to spending

The Background

There’s not a lot of love for cashback offers. Most are riddled with complex redemptions, tricksy offers, tonnes of fine print, and often teeny percentage returns. So when the team at Blackhawk Networks, known for their branded gift cards, approached us to develop a consumer brand for their prepaid cashback card, we understood what they were up against.

Their new proposition actually promised amazing rewards without any of the usual hassle. With purchases at more than 70 national retailers and 16,000 stores offering rewards of up to 12.5% in some cases, the card was nothing like the usual 0.1% offers out there.

This wasn’t just about getting tiny discounts on purchases, the rewards had the potential to build up to a proper savings pot. So we flipped the idea on its head: This isn’t cashback, it’s cash-forward.

Cash-Forward is about free money that builds up in savings pots with every purchase. Bonus money - just like that tenner your gran gave you at Christmas - that you look forward to spending.


The Work

So that became the core of our Brand Defining Idea - Money you look forward to spending.

That’s where the name Yonda came in - a forward-facing name for a service that gives you money that you look forward to spending.

Our Brand Defining Idea went beyond just the name. We integrated the idea of forward-facing into every facet of the brand identity, user experience and product offer.


Every part of the brand stems from a hugely powerful consumer insight, and translates into a Brand Defining Idea that not only defines how the brand talks, but how it walks too.

Yonda’s wordmark features a logo of smooth flowing lines and cursive text and a positively curved underline. All representative of the forward flow of your future money.

For the colour palette, ‘Mint Green’ was chosen predominantly as a colour that would jump out from the wallet, and is designed to evoke a feeling of positivity and potential by combining the optimistic hues of blue with the renewal qualities of green.

The mobile user experience has been designed with an energetic forward swiping flow. The experience constantly works to emphasise the money gained for the future, not the discounts saved now.


The common brand visual is a horizon, created with tints of the brand colours, often animated with an energetic and characterful little dot to bring to life the idea of ‘forward money.’

Stacey Richards, Product Director of Prepaid, at Blackhawk Networks, commented “It was fantastic to be able to work with Mr. President using their expertise in terms of developing our core audiences through research-led insight, and creating a brand that will help us stand out within the market. The Mr. President team really understood our proposition and helped make it an approachable, understandable, fun and positive brand that helps bring freshness and forward momentum.”

Learn more about the new cash-forward service at: www.yondacard.co.uk


Plan International

Screenshot 2018-12-17 at 16.34.59.png

Empowering girls to smash gender stereotypes

The Background

Plan International have been working tirelessly for years, creating a huge network of programmes to educate and empower girls around the world. But they have struggled with low brand awareness. Now, at this critical time for girls rights and the challenging of gender norms, Mr. President needed to wake up the sleeping giant.

We knew it was time for them to change tone and set a new, unapologetic girls rights agenda. To create a Brand Defining Idea that could inspire and drive support for the fight of courageous girls worldwide. An idea that could break down gender barriers and smash outdated stereotypes.


The Work

The idea is a rallying cry for girls worldwide. Girls take the lead in ‘Girls Get Equal’, so instead of speaking for them, we amplified their voice.

We launched the campaign with a manifesto film in collaboration with Plan International activists in eight countries including Ecuador, Uganda and Australia. The campaign contains powerful shots of activists showing what getting equal means to them.

Our campaign introduces an iconic warpaint-style equals sign, used across campaign imagery and on girls faces as a sign of solidarity and empowerment.

Music powerhouse Paloma Faith led the charge at the Global Girls Summit in Brussels on the eve of International Day of the Girl, calling for increased investment in girls power, activism and leadership.


32,000 mentions
across the world

The campaign is part of a three year global plan but has already created more noise for Plan International than ever before, with 32,000 mentions across the world at launch.

Plan_Girls-Get-Equal_03 (1).jpg
Screenshot 2018-12-17 at 16.34.59.png
Screenshot 2018-12-17 at 16.38.26.png
Screenshot 2018-12-17 at 16.38.22.png

Classic FM

CLASSIC_25yr_OOH_6_20170830 (1).png

Showing the nation they already love the music on Classic FM

The Background

Classic FM was well known and market leader by a long way, but often seen as being only for pensioners and posh people. It was our task to expand their reach and prove their appeal to a wider audience. This meant engaging those who hadn’t yet tuned in and who tended to dismiss the entire classical genre as being ‘not for them’.

We identified that even though most people didn’t know the title or composer of classical tunes, they did recognise the classical music that formed football chants, nursery rhymes, computer games, TV shows and especially movies. This gave us the insight we needed to demonstrate just how relatable classic music is and how it is everywhere in popular culture.


The Work

We harnessed the power of people's imaginations to leverage their emotions and let the music take centre stage in our cinema ads. As pieces played, typography described the mood, memories and iconic film scenes they evoked, revealing classical music as a powerful cultural force that can create vivid memories we didn’t even know we had. Whether it’s the sultry concerto suggestive of an elusive woman; the passionate symphony played in heroic war scenes; or the iconic chase scene overture. By keeping our visuals incredibly simple we showed that people already ‘know’ classical music and experience it all the time without realising it.

The campaign rolled out in Picturehouse cinemas exactly 25 years after Classic FM launched, in the Gold spot directly before the main feature. The campaign was supported with social and proximity outdoor.

The Results

We inspired a new legion of film lovers to tune in with RAJAR figures for Classic FM up 10.1% in the quarter following the campaign, including a surge in younger listeners (15-35 years old).

CLASSIC_25yr_OOH_48_20170830 (1).png


Method Hero (1).png

Making sustainable sexy

The Background

Method is a premium cleaning product brand operating in a functional, low emotion category. With low awareness, but a high conversion record, we had to create a multi-channel campaign that would get attention and drive trial.

We first asked ourselves, how do you actually make people care about cleaning products? Our audience don’t just buy Method because of its efficacy, they buy it because of how it looks, and how it makes THEM look.

Method is the trend setting, maverick of the cleaning category. Their mission is to inspire a cleaner, greener world. Their products look good - with a spectrum of beautiful colours and funky bottle shapes, and they do good - with non-toxic and environmentally friendly ingredients.

Our target audience - stylish and discerning social spenders - like to do good but want to look good at the same time. These are the type of people who would definitely post a photo of themselves recycling on Instagram. They have ‘altruistic narcissism’. And that’s cool with us.

By bringing this insight and product truth together we landed on our Brand Defining Idea - Look good. Do better. The visually arresting, made for social campaign shows how you can do good with Method whilst still looking damn fine at the same time. These little vignettes are the antithesis of what you expect from the cleaning category. Just like Method.


The Work

Our social, comms campaign takes your everyday cleaning and do-good attitude and makes them beautiful.

We present our audience’s world through an altruistic, yet funny narcissistic, lens - tapping into the Instagram culture (note the square world in the ad) of people wanting to be seen doing good. From a glam granny recycling her many empty champagne bottles to a dapper gentleman cleaning his prize trophy.

With tongue in cheek humour the campaign raises more than a smile. It demonstrates the product range in action and makes cleaning sexy. The campaign, running across VOD, social, digital, print and in-store is helping Method cut through and drive the sort of stand out awareness that other cleaning products can only dream of. Method is already cleaning up as a result.

Screenshot 2018-12-17 at 16.57.12.png
Screenshot 2018-12-17 at 16.57.25.png
Screenshot 2018-12-17 at 16.56.38.png


Screenshot 2018-11-02 at 14.35.12.png

Using the preachings of the converted to make Sky wobblers jump ship

The Background

Freesat offers everything you’d want from a TV service, but with one important difference. It’s completely subscription free. Set against the astronomical costs of Sky, it’s hard to understand why more people haven’t already made the switch.

With a miniscule budget in comparison to the UK’s biggest advertiser, Freesat needed more than an ad campaign to take on Sky. They needed a Brand Defining Idea that would unify every part of their brand and give them a disproportionate voice by getting all of their voices to speak as one.

We analysed over 45,000 conversations for clues about what made converted customers take the plunge to dump Sky, and it quickly became clear that switchers spoke like converted addicts.

They loved the product so much, they didn’t just give positive reviews they gave unbelievably good reviews.


The Work

We sent the copywriters home for the day, and brought the unbelievable testimonials of the customer to life across TV, print, and social with an overly positive tone that completely redefined how company behaved as a whole. 

Since working with the brand, over 70% of Sky Wobblers felt more positive about Freesat.  And Freesat have just celebrated reaching their two millionth home, reporting a 90% increase in sales since our relationship began.


90% Increase

in Sales

And Freesat have just celebrated reaching their two millionth home, reporting a 90% increase in sales since our relationship began.




Bringing the incredible world of the off air, on air

The Background

From its music, to its TV channel, to the huge social presence and incredible live events, Capital is a more than just a radio station, it’s a world of entertainment.

Our challenge was to not only reposition the brand in the minds of its existing listeners, but to establish a behaviour that invited a new audience in.


With research consisting of mainly hanging out at the Capital studios and backstage at the Summertime Ball, it quickly became clear that the world of capital was a world like nowhere else. From Ariana Grande rocking up unexpected live on-air, to Ed Sheeran tattooing Roman Kemp’s leg live on TV, Only On Capital do you get this access to the stars


The Work

We repositioned the entire output of the Capital brand by turning the cameras round on itself to give the audience, for the very first time, genuine access to incredible world that occurs Off Air, Off Camera, Offline and Off Stage.

Fans don’t want to be broadcast at, they want to be invited in and given the chance to see their favourite stars like they’ve never seen them before. So rather than scripting our creative and forcing the stars to act, our entire approach has been to capture their natural reactions and showcase the genuine camaraderie that occurs between them and the brand.

And whether that’s by pimping up a golf buggy with hidden cameras for The Vamps to race round Wembley in, setting up a game of darts in a pub between Katy Perry and Roman Kemp, or creating the world’s cutest selfie with Shawn Mendes and 500 cuddly toys, our advertising has gained huge fame across the UK. And in a year when BBC Radio One dropped one million listeners, Capital’s audience grew by 3%.


The Crown Estate


Crafting a unique positioning for one of London’s most unique places

The Background

Home to The Ritz, Fortnum & Mason, Jermyn Street, Berry Brothers and the clubs of Pall Mall, St James’s should be better known. The most bespoke area of London, the local high-street of Royalty, and now a hot-bed of prestigious office space and the newest dining spots, Mr. President were tasked with raising the profile of this exceptional area amongst tourists, Londoners and high-end CEOs alike.  

The challenge therefore was to redefine the area itself. And from the tailored shirts of Jermyn Street, to the one-off artworks at Christie’s, to the singular institutions like the Ritz, the answer lay in the uniqueness of the quarter. St James’s London is truly is one of a kind.


The Work

The one of a kind brand idea now permeates every part of the St James’s London experience, from how potential retailers are briefed to create to bespoke shopping experiences to the street furniture that lines the streets.

Mr. President’s first task was to redesign the area’s quarterly publication “The Correspondent” which saw us create the world’s first magazine that is designed to be read from West to East via a central map of contents. The first edition was even laced with a bespoke fragrance created by Floris of Jermyn Street, crafted using scents that were inspired by the articles of that particular edition.

Other projects include a website which creates tailored guides to the area - based on visitors’ preferences - and an installation in St James’s Market that allows visitors to explore the area through an interactive brass map.

Now an even more bustling quarter of the capital, the one of a kind positioning continues to define the legacy of London’s most unique area.


45% increase in website views

After Mr. President created, designed and launched the new St James's London website, traffic surged with an increase of 45% year on year between May and July




Helping Nike become the perfect training buddy

The Background

Nike weren’t connecting with European women. The ‘faster, better, beat-the-others-at-all-costs’ tone of the advertising, events and social from the U.S just wasn’t resonating. So Nike challenged us to shift their creative and strategic focus to make them the go-to workout buddy.

Our research found that women in Europe get motivated by companionship not competitiveness. They train better together – with friends they can go further, faster, harder. They just need a plus one.


The Work

The Plus One strategy encouraged Nike to stop talking to the individual and instead focus on the crew. This new proposition was kicked off with our summer campaign for the LunarGlide 6 that targeted groups of women to create runs and design shoes together that were based on their holiday destinations.

Since the repositioning the Nike Training Club focuses on collaboration and community, and Nike apparel pushes the social shopping experience. From their apps to their events to their store, Nike Women have become driven by companionship.

The Nike Plus One activity contributed to a 36% increase in Nike Europe’s year on year sales, and Nike Plus One still lives on across Europe having helped Nike Women’s footwear to its best summer sales to date.


Increase YoY Sales




Rallying closet allies into noisy activists

The Background

Stonewall approached Mr. President to create an awareness raising brand campaign - its first in ten years - and extend its influence beyond the LGBT community.  While there’s broad acceptance for LGBT rights in the UK, complacency is a big problem.

For many supporters, it can feel as though great strides have been made towards LGBT rights in the UK following legislation of gay marriage. But whilst there are many reasons to celebrate, the fight for inequality is far from over.


We needed to remind people that we all have a part to play in creating a world where everyone, everywhere can be themselves. An idea that rallies allies into activists by encouraging them to Come Out For LGBT.


The Work

Featuring a line-up of celebrities including GhostPoet, Sue Perkins and Ana Matronic, plus social influencers, senior British Army figures and faith representatives, the campaign reached out to everyone who supports LGBT equality.

Running across the UK, on everything from the sides of buses to school common room walls, as well as cinema, TV and digital. Within hours of the launch of the campaign, we had garnered support from allies as diverse as Russell Brand, JK Rowling, Manchester United, and the British Army - leading to over 54,000 social mentions.


Johnson & Johnson


Soothing the skin of newborns and the worries of new parents

The Background

Johnson’s Baby products were slowly being squeezed off the shelves by cheaper, own-brand alternatives. The iconic brand needed an idea and positioning that put them back in bathrooms and nurseries across the UK, and back in parent’s minds.

Uniquely endorsed by midwives and proven to the be the gentlest, even on a newborn’s delicate skin, we saw an opportunity to recruit new parents straight out of hospital with our “softest” credentials, and years and years of newborn expertise.


The Work

Welcome to the World is a strategic behaviour and creative platform that allowed us to not only welcome newborns to the world, but also their parents to the life-turned-upside-down world of parenting – guiding them into this new, exciting, “WTF” time of their lives.

The connected brand strategy rolled out across 2017 and the honest parenting insights used across the campaign have been given the nod of approval by Johnson’s most important target audience – new parents.


Top 20% for effectiveness


Virgin Red


Rewarding the public for living the Virgin way

The Background

Trains, planes, wines, movies, and gyms – the Virgin empire is vast and sprawling. Loyalty to that iconic red V is high, but up until now there had never been a program that encouraged or rewarded Virgin lovers for spending time with multiple brands in the portfolio.

Our task was to create a brand and positioning for Virgin’s new mobile loyalty scheme, but to make it feel anything like your ordinary loyalty scheme.


The Work

Introducing Virgin Red. A living, breathing brand that is full of the famous Virgin ‘wink’ and designed to reward you for “living a life more Virgin”. From how it looks, talks, behaves, acts and moves, we created a unique universe that connected each and every Virgin brand.

To bring this proposition to life, we launched the app by getting Richard Branson to hide 100,000 gold coins across the entire Virgin empire and rewarded the people who found the most. As part of the ‘V Marks The Spot’ competition, digital and physical coins were hidden everywhere from Virgin Active’s TV screens, to the coffee cups on Virgin Trains, and the fruit machines on Virgin Games. The more the hunters found, the more “Virgin” they were, and the more Virgin they became the closer they got to spending time on Necker Island – the jewel in the crown of the Virgin empire. The competition ended with the 10 most ‘Virgin’ people being flown out to paradise to hang out with Mr. Virgin himself, and the app well on the way to an incredible one million users.

130,000 new users

With 70,000 joining in the first 48 hours




Designing home kitchens with professional Chefs

The Background

Mr. President was challenged to help Miele significantly increase brand awareness - specifically with high-end kitchen appliances which exist in a premium market dominated by the fancy, but not particularly functional, Gaggenau.

The kitchen buying journey is a long and complex one, so we needed to develop a single-minded idea that would tell a consistent story across all customer touchpoints and set Miele apart from their more showy competitors.

Our story was rooted in our belief that kitchens are never more beautiful than when they are being lived in. A belief that we wanted to bring to life in the kitchen design discussion, establishing Miele as the premium choice for its professional function as well as its beautiful form in the home.


The Work

Discovering that top chefs chose Miele for their own kitchens, we developed an entire ecosystem of content and advertising through our “Chef Inspired Kitchens” campaign.

The first iteration featured Monica Galetti, Sven-Hanson Britt and Anna Hansen of The Modern Pantry. A series of films and articles charted a customer’s journey with their architect through the design process.  It was broadcast across independent cinemas within the M25, tightly targeting our wealthy audience across London. The content series also continues to live across many digital touchpoints.

Not only did the films generate an incredible 2 million completed views online but traffic to the hub increased by 150% over benchmark.

For the second series of Chef Inspired Kitchens we turned the camera on our own creative partner, Laura Jordan Bambach. She and her husband, Dan, meet chefs Douglas McMaster and Anna Hansen to share recipe inspiration and discuss using Miele appliances to cook with precision. The experiences with the chefs helped them choose which appliances to have in her new kitchen. Once again, just under a third of all those served the videos watched right through to the end.

Double the unprompted brand awareness

Since we first began our relationship with Miele unprompted brand awareness has almost doubled from 13% to 24%.




Schmoozing the US with beautifully personalised business cards

The Background

Moo.com is a quality and highly creative print stationery business with a wonderfully quirky personality. After a decade of growth in the UK, Mr. President were tasked with helping them break the US and build the brand at this new frontier.


MOO is a creative printer for creative people. The kind of people who see their stationery as an extension of themselves and their business. Our challenge was to explain to customers that MOO didn’t just make their stationery look pretty, they tailored it to be the most perfect premium paper versions of themselves. This is You by Moo


The Work

Just as MOO transforms people’s businesses online into beautiful stationery, so our creative centred on a MOO machine, which magically took all the important elements of a customer’s personality and business, and turned it into the most perfect, premium version of them.


From video-on-demand and pre-roll, to streaming audio, radio, and rich media placements, the campaign combined both brand and direct response assets, all driving to the brand’s homepage, moo.com. The “You by MOO” brand idea has unified MOO’s voice across every touchpoint for the brand.

15% uplift on customers buying through moo.com

During the campaign period MOO saw an impressive spike in online sales


Last Great Malts of Scotland


Crafting 5 unique liquids into 5 unique characters  

The Background

John Dewar & Sons decided that it was finally time to launch five of their single malts. Aberfeldy, Aultmore, Craigellachie, Royal Brackla and The Deveron would soon be available as whiskies in their own right for the first time in generations.


We wanted to get the whisky world salivating in anticipation of these uncommon characters and get them to put their names down to be the first to receive them. But the challenge with the single malt market is that whisky drinkers are looking for uniqueness. So we could not create a branded collection of whiskies, we needed to create a set of characters that were Uniquely United.


The Work

We started by building each whisky a voice and visual expression as unique as its taste. From the mysterious Aultmore from the Foggie Moss, to the sulphurous Craigellachie still distilled in worm tubs – these esoteric malt brands were created to be as uncommon as the liquids themselves.


Wrapped up in an exclusive digital programme – The Last Great Malts –  the campaign was launched in multiple markets with adapted creative assets from film, to print, to individual brand websites and the most characterful of eCRM programmes.

The exceptionally well-crafted brands have been recognised with a D&AD award for Copywriting.

Well we set out from the harbour,
tho it’s bitter cauld and grey
And we turn our backs to the river,
and the distillery tucked away.
— The Deveron