What is it about Laura that has impressed the BBC?


What is it about Laura that has impressed the BBC?

For a start, she has spent her career championing the advancement of women, from co-founding SheSays - a global mentorship and networking group that encourages women to pursue careers in digital marketing and design – to her work with VOWSS at Cannes this year.


The best trailblazers, of whatever gender, lead by example, and both Laura, personally, and Mr President, as a company, have always championed diversity and gender equality in the workplace through daily deeds, not just empty words.

Now the BBC has recognised Laura’s focus on the advancement of women in the creative industries, as well as her pioneering creative work, in its roll call of the Top 100 inspirational and innovative women for 2017. And deservedly so.

Also on the list are women who embody a diverse range of talents and achievements, from NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson to the first female President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, and social psychologist and TED talk favourite, Amy Cuddy.

As part of the programme, Laura, along with many of the other outstanding women, will be taking part in the 100 Women Challenge, tackling some of the big issues facing females around the world.

The team she’s on, #TeamGo, will be looking at street harassment and coming up with creative ways to tackle the issue, all while being followed by a BBC documentary crew.

You can follow the challenge and show support for 100 Women on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and use #100Women.