Defining a brighter identity for Passport Scotch


The Brighter Side of Scotch


Passport Scotch wanted to stand out. Choosing not to be pigeon-holed within a category famed for its tweed jackets and pipes - but instead they aimed to buck tradition and attract the attention of a much younger crowd, across multiple territories.


To show that Passport Scotch is a quality, imported whisky that acts differently, we chose to establish Passport as the “Brighter Side of Scotch” – a visual identity, a way of communicating a behaviour.

We created a new identity for them - unusually colourful, vibrant and dynamic – helping to embody the free spirited core values of the brand. Using this identity, we were able to create a suite of own-able social content and with it, a way to take the brand to the next level. Mr. President also collaborated with photographers Ilka & Franz, who helped us serve up an unconventional look and feel to the bottle’s content.

Launching all over the world, Passport now shows the social side to Scotch, on social.