Morph Costumes came to us wanting to take over the world, one Spandex suit at a time. So we relaunched the costume phenomenon with a bold, integrated campaign that celebrates all of the weird and wonderful situations you get into every time you slip one of their creations on.


We carried out extensive research in coming up with the idea, mainly in Soho Square whilst dressed as Spiderman and playing table tennis versus a gang of French students. And we came up with one conclusion, these aren’t your average costumes. Each and every time you put one on, you instantly become MORPHFAMOUS, MORPHFLIRTY, and indeed MORPHFILTHY.

Wearing (and shopping for) a costume should be one of the most enjoyable and playful experiences you can have, yet up until this point the costume industry has been dominated by search terms and cheap, uninspiring imagery and outfits.

Morph Costumes have more right than any other costume brand to shout about how amazing the experience can be; and to revolutionise their industry through the energy, joy and downright awesomeness that's part of their brand DNA.

Working with the Morph crew to bring this vision to life has been a partnership made in heaven, and the resulting launch work is definitely the biggest laugh we've ever had on a shoot, too.