Discovering What Drives the UK’s Entrepreneurs


Discovering What Drives the UK’s Entrepreneurs


It’s no secret that the face of entrepreneurialism in the UK is changing. From side hustles outside of your 9 to 5, to start-ups born from passion and hard-work, the nation has never been so full of inspiring get-up-and-go.

Now we are on a mission to find out what gives the UK’s entrepreneurs that drive. Is it a born skill, or a product of the environment we’re in?

Introducing The Entrepreneur Gene Project for Mercedes-Benz Vans UK.


We have teamed up with DNAfit and Liverpool John Moores University on a new initiative to explore the unique entrepreneurial drive of our nation. The study will set out to explore the genetic makeup of entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs alike, investigating the potential genetic contribution to different kinds of driven individuals. From side hustles and start-ups to the establishment, we’ll use this research to better support the UK’s business owners as the shape of entrepreneurialism in the UK changes.

The campaign is being fronted by Jamal Edwards MBE, brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz Vans UK and founder of SBTV Global, who started the company when he was just a teenager. The perfect example of the sort of spirit of entrepreneurialism which is thriving in the UK today.

The nationwide drive to find people to take part in this groundbreaking study begins today. So if you’re an entrepreneur (or just curious if you could be) and have ever pondered whether your drive was the result of nature or nurture this one’s for you. Get involved by signing up at

The genetic study will be conducted this Spring, with initial results being presented in Summer 2019. The full research results will be published in early 2020.

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