Martini: Bring romance back to F1 racing


Formula One: Bringing the Romance Back to Racing

Formula One is not the event it once was. Gone has the raw spirit of the racer, the joy, the humanity. It can feel like a business not a race. A Germanic duel of technology not people.

But there is a lingering love of the glory days of racing. A retro desire for Senna, for Hunt versus Lauda. When racing was full of passion. When it was an artform, not a science, when it was an event about the heart not the head.


This was the sport in Martini’s era. The iconic Martini stripes from those times past are burnt into both racing fans and non-fans alike.

Mr. President helped bring those stripes back onto the grid. We weren’t just going to there as another badge on the car. We were there to bring romance back to racing. This wasn’t a sponsorship, this was an attitude, a personality, a style.


We were behind the deal to pair Martini with Williams. Two independent artisans who believe in craft and desire. We were the ones to reignite the old passions of Martini Racing. To bring style back to the race track.

From on-track activations, to the Sprezzatura-filled Martini events in Milan and Barcelona, from a Global competition to PR activations involving Massa and Bottas and the ever glamorous Suzy Wolff.

Mr. President created the most loved brand on and off the track in just two seasons of sponsorship, leading to the first global growth in Martini sales volumes in a decade.