Giftcloud acquired by Groupon for $65m


Giftcloud acquired by Groupon for $65m

We are very excited that our friends at Giftcloud have just been acquired by Groupon in a deal worth $65 million. An amazing testament to what a great client team and a clearly defined brand can achieve.


Mr. President worked to reposition the Giftcloud brand proposition in 2013. As a brand extension, Giftcloud was initially launched to Vouchercloud users. However, the gifting proposition didn’t resonate with the cost-saving mindset.

So we repositioned it for a younger, more gift-orientated audience. The challenge with this audience is that they reject gift cards, seeing it as a downgrade versus a more thoughtful personalised gift. Our Brand Defining Idea was to flip this, and instead position Giftcloud as an upgrade to merely offering your best wishes.

With people offering dozens of “happy birthdays” across messaging services yearly, we made Giftcloud the way to upgrade that message with a gift. A latte from Costa, a Sloppy Guiseppe from Pizza Express, a chance to watch Palace versus Stoke with a Sports Pass on Now TV.


A simple way to treat your friends,
when Words Are Not Enough

Our rebrand changed the entire brand proposition, gave them new brand language, a new brand visual world, even a new way to frame their brand discounts. We couldn’t be prouder to see the success that’s followed.