Facebook & ONE: Internet For All


Facebook & ONE: Internet For All


When people get connected, they can achieve extraordinary things.

Yet today, half the world – that’s 3.9 billion people - lack access to the internet, one of the key drivers for progress and upward mobility.



When the team at IORG (by Facebook and campaigning and advocacy organisation ONE) asked us to create a campaign to highlight this issue, we showcased some of the remarkable people who have changed their lives thanks to the power of the internet.


Featuring a long-form video that forms the basis of a social media campaign, with particular emphasis on Facebook, we told the stories of real people who have benefited from a connected world.

When we asked ourselves how we could show that internet connectivity matters as much as healthcare, clean drinking water, taking people out of poverty, eradicating famine and providing education in developing countries we knew that the answer lay in showing how the internet is a conduit for positive development in all these areas.


The internet is whatever you want it to be – it can be a library, an encyclopedia, a university, a news provider, a doctor, a how-to guide.  In short, it’s a means to achieve change and a tool to empower people.

As part of the campaign, ONE is asking people to sign the Connectivity Declaration pledge, and pledge to support equal access to the internet for everyone around the world. Will you sign?