Igniting Change for Greenpeace


Igniting Change for Greenpeace

Once again, the internet-famous cats have prevailed. Our Cats vs Bad Tuna campaign for Greenpeace has passed the finish line.


Today Greenpeace announced that it has reached an agreement with Thai Union, the world’s largest tuna supplier, to commit to reforms that address human rights abuses, environmental sustainability, and pet food supply chain issues.

The Cats vs Bad Tuna campaign began in 2016 and resulted in commitments from Mars and Nestlé, and now their supplier Thai Union.


The latest campaign against Thai Union saw more than 700,000 people around the world joining the call for change.

We’re proud to contribute in any way to promote positive change in the world through advocacy, tolerance, and diversity, and promote some internet cuteness along the way.

See the campaign that ignited this change here.