Best for Britain's Brexit Stop Button


Best for Britain's Brexit Stop Button


We teamed up with Best for Britain to give the British public the final say on Brexit.

The British public have been wavering under the ongoing Brexit negotiations, many feeling disengaged and disenchanted with the way the government is handling the situation. Swing voters who voted “leave” in 2016, feel progressively worried about the nature of the final Brexit deal. When Best for Britain, the anti-Brexit organisation, asked us for an awareness campaign that empowered swing voters to demand a vote on the deal, we jumped at the opportunity. Everyone deserves a final say on what they commit to.


Our campaign objectives were simple; to get the public to take action and lobby their local MPs in time for the vote on the withdrawal treaty in late October 2018. However with the public generally unaware that Brexit can be stopped, we firstly had to boost awareness before driving them to take action. We needed something big. Something that instantly got people to understand it’s not too late to demand a final say on Brexit.

Best for Britain Mr P.jpg

Our big idea was a giant “STOP” button that is discovered in a field by the white cliffs of Dover. The button itself, although fictional, was used to spark conversation across social channels about the benefits of having a stop button on the Brexit proceedings, as they are. A video of the button was initially tweeted by a coastguard named Dan Cooper (@DB_Cooper727), and various influencers were encouraged to retweet with their own comments about their hopes for a Brexit button. The video gained over 250,000 views on its first day on Twitter. Best for Britain then posted a branded version of the button video, that linked people to a Best for Britain petition site.

Now we’ve got the ball rolling, we sincerely hope politicians across the country demand a vote on the final Brexit deal to give people the #FinalSay.