Cutting Through the Jargon with BetVictor


Cutting Through the Jargon with BetVictor

Hot on the heels of our epic Million Pound Goal campaign with BetVictor, we kicked off the 2016 Premier League with a string of jargon-busting ads.

Everything about BetVictor is simple, relevant, sophisticated and uncluttered. So we did exactly the same with our advertising - employing the use of a Professor, Neurosurgeon, Sommelier, Art Dealer, even a Fighter Pilot to explain each of their product benefits.


In each film, we cut away from two slightly confused punters, to reveal an “expert” who explains the benefits of the BetVictor app in simple terms. A fearless fighter pilot explains the speed of the BetVictor cash-out feature and a savvy arts dealer clarifies their accumulator price promise, simple as.

Humorous, helpful, simple. Four of the six films launched across Sky Sports and BT Sport around key game moments - with the others to follow.

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