Amba Hotels: Book That Feeling


Book That Feeling


Book That Feeling is a campaign designed to show Amba Hotels as an antidote to the bland, beige and outdated; the norm in four-star luxury hotels. The type of cold, soul-less and depressing places that don’t leave you feeling much. When you book with Amba Hotels, you don’t just get great facilities, you get a great feeling.


Amba Hotels are different.  They are designed with the consumer at heart and re-ignite the magic of travel and the magic of a place that stirs up good feelings. The feeling of waking up to proper coffee just how you like it, that feeling of finding out everything in the mini bar is free and the feeling of being on holiday when you’re on a business trip.

Our campaign line ‘Book that Feeling’ is more than just a call to action: it’s the embodiment of how you feel when you stay with Amba Hotels.  We should know, we’ve stayed in a few…