Our CCO is Named 'Most Influential Briton' Again


Our CCO is Named 'Most Influential Briton' Again

For the second year running, our creative wunderkind Laura Jordan-Bambach (Creative Partner at Mr. President), has been named one of Britain’s most influential people within the 2016 Debrett’s 500 annual list (published in The Sunday Times on January 25th).


It’s a well deserved accolade, recognising not only her contribution to the transformative work coming out of Mr. President, but to the creative industry as a whole. Her commitment to challenge the way we consume and navigate the digital landscape is unfaltering.

She's the embodiment of the change she wants to see - spearheading the need for diversity within our industry - by co-founding The Great British Diversity Experiment to prove dynamic teams make better creative, and founding SheSays, an international volunteer organisation encouraging women to take up digital creative careers.

You can find her on the list, beautifully sandwiched between millennial tastemaker Zoella and Tim Berners-Lee. Or alternatively, @LauraJayBee.