Unbelievably Good News for Freesat


Unbelievably Good News for Freesat

We’re feeling Unbelievably Good today, with some news from our client Freesat, the subscription-free TV service. Reporting some killer annual performance results, Freesat called out our work as one of the areas of achievement in the past year.


Rooted in smart use of customer insights and a different approach, our “Unbelievably Good” brand positioning and campaign, features real comments - some quite hyperbolic comments - from actual customers that had switched from pricey subscription service Sky to Freesat.


Those over-effusive Freesat customers have done it: more Sky subscribers are wobbling towards Freesat. Freesat has now reached over 2 million homes and 800,000 app downloads, and saw sales up 90% over the previous financial year. And now, consumer awareness is at a four-year high.